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hey there . I have a " Vox AC4TV , 10" combo " ; just like you ! ( this isn't my first question about it !! ) . and I need to change the tubes . my favorites are " Tung-Sol 12AX7/ECC83 " & " Tung-Sol EL84/6BQ5 " . but I've not opened the amp yet and I don't know about tube holder springs or restraints or ... ; and I'm not sure about Tung-Sol's bulb diameter and dimension ; you know ? have you ever tried these tubes in this particular amp ? does it work ?

Hi Eric, I no longer have that amp, mine had the 8" speaker. That little Vox amp was born with problems. My AC4 was the early days of Vox being bought by Korg.  Amps where new for Korg and the workers in China. They sure were off on the building of mine. I never did get as far as a need for new tubes but I had the back off a lot. I still have the chassis and from the sockets they are standard just like all they the Vox tube amps. Tung Sol valve inserts are standard from what I just read. Tung Sol spec sheet and a review of them. I have never used them I did guy them. A guy needed them so I sold them. Great tubes from what I hear. Good luck with your amp and thank you for asking me.  

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