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I have seen the following HONDO II Les Paul copy which will be on auction next week (in France) :

I have noticed that the headstock logo is not the one I can see in most cases with a Google search.

Can you, please, tell me some information about this guitar, does this logo tells something interesting about its age, quality and value ?
Is this guitar a "collectible vintage instrument" ?

I can't tell if the neck is bolt or set because I have only one front picture.
I don't have any serial number...

Thank you very much by advance for your help.
Best regards,


Hey Nicholas,

Thanks for writing! This is a classic Hondo Les Paul copy from he early to mid 1970s and is collectable! In fact, this is the model that Hondo collectors look for. It was probably made between 1973-75. It most likely has a bolt on neck although a few of them had set necks. Set neck models are more valuable. This models sells for up to $900 US Dollars in excellent condition. Let me know if you need more information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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