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I have an old guitar that i would like a little history and maybe value for. It says "The Aria ProII"  Designed & Approved by H. Noble original custom body P.No. 555719 A product of matsumoku. 4-11 N.M.    and has a serial number in the back 108040... It seems pretty old and am wanting to know  if it is worth the restoration price for me

Aria guitars of the area of your guitar are among the best guitars ever made. Instruments made in Japan in the 1970 and 1980s challenge any  American guitar maker in all respects. The Matsumoko Factory made you guitar but also the Epiphones in their golden day. Both guitar companies did take a bit of a drop in popularity when they moved building guitars to China. Aria is sadly only a name on a check, giving guitar building to a management group.
Your guitar is worth restoring for your self, I am sorry to say others might not see it as the great guitar you and I do. I found out in my 35 plus years of guitar playing and repair that the highest price of 90% of guitars is the price you pay for it. Very few hit the Holy Grail level of the 1959 Les Paul.
The guitar market is over loaded with junk to good guitars from 200.00 to the 500.00 guitar range. A first for me, I went to buy a mandolin at the Pittsburgh Guitar Center just yesterday. I knew what one I wanted and the price I wanted. I call ahead to order it and some other small items. The reason is my wife does not like waiting in that guitar store because of the nasty noise the kids make testing guitars. Nothing was ready and three employees wanted to sell it to me. I just wanted to buy it. I was sold, before I arrived. I walked and found it at a small store where the guy just let be by it. That is how starved and over loaded the market is with guitars and other things of the like. Point is keep it because you will not find a better one in a sane price range. You will find people only but the price, not the guitar. I do hope you understand my ramblings and I do thank you for writing in about your very nice Japanese made guitar that I would value at $450.00 with out seeing. When and if you restore it please send me some photos. Email is kevin5518@msn.com.

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The fascination with electric guitars is the top for me. I fix amps, wiring and put the things that fall off back on. The way to really set a guitar up and make it a player. Buying a guitar is an art, and good amps that will get out that tone we all look for, Zen guitar and amplifier is a way to approach it. Better is no worry ask an expert.

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