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I got this used guitar in 1997 and held on to it because I like it. I would like to know the model number and what the instrument might be worth. The serial number on the neck is S4128651. Other than a few scratches the guitar is in excellent condition.

Thank you for your help.

Here are two links that will both identify your model production exactly and also explain the nomenclature of Epiphone serial nos and production details by era:

Seems yours is a Samick production plant in Korea era

Depending upon condition and region you are based I would suggest a value of between 150 and 250 bearing in mind the now stiff competition for lower priced but equally good sounding models of similar spec for less than these prices new from both Epiphone and their Chinese plant brethren that often come off same production line. Also, Epiphone have significantly extended their lines and have a strong budget range with good spec choices.


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