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Hi, I have just acquired a Stratocaster copy with only the serial # on the neckplate to identify it, the guitar has a heavy solid body and classic Strat type neck and headstock, it is white ( now aged ) with a smooth fast maple neck, the serial # is 045621 and we would dearly love to know its manufacturers name. My guitar friends all agree it is very well made to a high spec, thank you for your time, regards Rob.

Hey Rob,

Thanks for writing! Most copies have a name on the headstock which makes me ask you a question. Does it look like someone refinished the neck? To determine this, look at the finish on the face of the headstock. Does it look glossier than the rest of the neck. If so, it will be hard to determine who made it. Does the shape of the headstock look exactly like a Strat? Also, open up the back plastic panel and see if the wood looks layered (plywood, meaning a cheap copy) or like a solid piece of hardwood, meaning a better made instrument? You can also look at the electronics which Fender labels because it could be real Fender who someone sanded the logo off of (this happens). Send m a picture of the headstock and body and I'll get you some concrete information. et me know about my questions and we'll get to the bottom of this. Write back...Johnny

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