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"hello sir! I have been wanting to buy a left handed guitar since 3 or 4yrs but unfortunately the country from where i belong has got limited access to lefty guitars. So can you suggest a few left handed guitars from brands like dean, esp, bc rich etc, esp being my favorite. And most importantly, i need a flying v. Also please suggest me a trusted site from where i can buy it as i'll have to buy online i guess. My budget is around 800$(dollar is not our country currency :)) A few specifications of what i would like on my guitar as follows-
2.24 frets.
3.Flying v shape.
Lastly, i have a small confusion about the vibrator/tremolo. does it come only with particular guitars or can we fix it on any guitar? Thanks..."

I am not sure what restrictions there may be for dispatch to your country/continent but trusted sellers with whom I have had personal experience are:

in addition some UK online and main sellers that you could google for, include:

Guitar Guitar
Absolute Music

There is a Japanese reseller  who often has good new and used items in non USA/European specs. Cut and paste the link into  Google Chrome browser as it will translate for your language on the page (or simply right click on page to call menu). This is a well respected and trusted seller in the guitar collectors world. A quick look under ESP in menu reveals numerous models currently.

And finally, if you cannot get the brand you want but are happy with a clone then a reseller at AliExpress does some great deals. Msg 'David' and he will do all he can to meet your spec.

This link takes you into his store...


As for the Vibrator. The 'Vibrator' is actually referred to under several terms and can be called Tremolo Arm, Vibrola (as in Gibson 60s spec SGs/Vs and Explorers). Also Floyd Rose (brand name) for many rock-focussed guitar styles and BIGSBY for more vintage spec models.

If you cannot source a model you want with a Tremolo arm, then there are some add-ons depending on the guitar. Some of which can be added so as not to require drilling holes and fixings into your guitar body and of course removed later if so required without any damage to the guitar.

Above link explains a bit of background. But do Google for add-on or after-market tremolo and of course same on YouTube.

Good luck  

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