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I recently was given a all black hondo 2 electric guitar it has what looks like mother of pearl inlay all down the neck and white trim it has s inlay design of what looks like a s on the back it has inspected by sticker that says
7030 inspected by  135 and it also has a sticker that has what I believe is a model number H740B  
I was wondering what the value of the guitar is and since it has a couple nicks and scratches if it would be worth restoring it I have never restored a guitar before to be honest I am very new to this world I am just learning to play but am a carpenter and have done lots of finish carpentry and am I believe very capable with direction to restore guitars so I guess my questions are what is value of guitar and where would I find direction to restore along with any hard wear. Thank you
         Ryan Northman

Hey yan,

Thanks for writing! This sounds like one of the late 1970s Hondo Les Paul copies which are now collectable. The profile of the headstock should look like an open book. They are worth between $500 and $800 depending on condition. People who own them love them. I assume the neck bolts on to the body. If the neck is set or glued to the body, it will not have a the metal bolt plate on the back base of the neck, it is worth more. Restoring it is not that difficult, especially if you're good with finished carpentry. However, vintage guitars lose value if they are refinished or repainted so only restore the rest of the guitar. Let me know if the neck is bolted on and if the headstock has an open book profile. I'll also be happy to walk you through restoration. Write back with the answers to my questions and we'll take it fro there...Johnny

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