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Hey Johnny, recently a co-worker brought me a Hondo (presumably series 732) to look at and I am in a pinch of sorts on its identity.
The ONLY identifiable markings I have found as of yet are the Hondo logo on the head and a music store (out of Kalamazoo, MI) plate on the neck base. With a little research it was easy enough to tell the guitar was at the latest a 1979 as the music store it came from has been out of business since 1979. My problem is this, unlike every picture I have found of the 732 series being the "deluxe" model with notable markings saying as such, this one has a different pickup configuration with "2" individual single coils. The natural wood with "skunk" stripes matches up with every deluxe model I have seen except for the head stock markings and the pickups. Everything else appears identical from the bridge to the controls, neck, pickguard,etc....No serial number is visible anymore or model number. I have yet to take the pickups out to ID them yet. Did Hondo make a pre deluxe version and did it have only 2 single coils and if they did what kind of pickup did they use for this non deluxe model? I can send pic if needed, I know that would help more but I did see another poster from 2012 with a deluxe model and questions related to it. This one is exactly the same minus the "deluxe logo and pickup differences. Thanks....

Hey Johnny,

Thanks for writing! Hondo did a lot 732 models with slight differences, including single coil pickups. Because they made guitars for the export market, they would make slight modifications in the design so that model would be exclusive to a specific export market.  would like to see a picture of it and have you examine the pickups to see if they're original. The wiring going from the pickup to the volume/tone pots should be consistently aged looking. If the wiring from the pickup looks new compared to the rest of the wiring, then it is probably an after market add on. Let me know what you find and send me a picture. Stay in touch...Johnny

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