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Hello Dr. Moore,

I recently purchased an electric guitar and am trying to learn a tune. Most of those solos I listen to are way too advanced for my current motor skills. What tunes and solos would you recommend to learn for a beginner like me? I like 80s rock and melodious hard rock.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Daphne, thank you for writing in. I really had to think because this is a tuff question. I thing a have a couple of good answers for you. When I just want to relax and make music with out the weird sounds I tune my guitar to open G. Just putty your finger across the strings or only a couple strings sounds great.
Go from the 15th fret and strum you way up to the third them stum it open. Everything you play sounds like the Rolling Stomes. Give me shelter is really in open E but it sounds cool in open G. To tune to G the tuning is DGDGBD and Keith Richards that the top E off . I never do because I will tune it back to standard one day. Learning songs is not real hard with YouTube, just type in the song you want to learn and several lessons will come up. When I was first learning a song I played that song over and over again. That drove people crazy and had me nuts some time. They say it is good for ear training, I rather have YouTube. To save time or to brush up on a song I did know, I get a lesson on YouTube. I don't work for them or any of the like, it just makes life a bit more easy.
Most important chords are D, C, G those three are in so many songs. Buzz through the three in standard tuning and some songs will come to mind. I am not a very talented guitar player, nothing comes easy. I did not sign on for more work. The reason for me playing guitar is for fun. I hope you can have fun also!
Please let me know how open tuning and lesson videos work for you! Ok Daphne. Talk to me any time Kev.

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