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Hi Mr. Moore,

greetings from Muenster, Germany! First of all, thanks for this service, anyway it'll help me with my question or not. I hope my english skills fit this subject well enough. So here's the thing: there was this gorgeous "no-name" copy of a Les Paul in the used guitar store in my town. What the store-owner knew was, that the guitar is a neck-through, fully made of mahogany wood. The headstock, which form i googled for hours but couldn't find any matches, has a pentagram and "Pearl" on it, but it's only a decal - not painted. It doesn't match with any guitars, the drum-manufacturer Pearl did some years ago. The shape of the body is rather a ESP-Eclipse style of Les Paul Body. The previous owner changed the original pick-ups with passive Jackson humbuckers, so I have no idea, how the previous PU's looked. I payed 120, so about 134 US$ for ist. The guitar is in excellent condition and plays awesome. To make a long story short: I would really like to know, who manufactured this guitar. Not for knowing it's acutal value, but for personal interest. I would never sell this beauty, for it is the first guitar (I've had about 4 others before) that really fits me and my abilities well. I'll attach two pictures of the guitar.

I hope to hear from you soon! Best wishes, and have a good day!


Thank you for writing in and your English is very good. You do have a very lovely guitar. That Les Paul copy was made in Japan and is one of the guitars in the group they call the law suit guitars. Many Japanese guitar makers made Gibson copies so good that people picked up on them and they were forced to stop. I don't believe they ever stopped. They did stop sending them to the US, what does Japan and Germany care about an American court ruling. They do go for a very high price here. Last I saw on eBay up to $2,000 USD. That certainly is a Pearl and adding items to the head stock like that star is not unusual a bit.
Gibson has the same problem going on in China now, I would not buy a fake but I can have anything put on the head stock I want. My name or a star like on your guitar. Yes it is a true Pearl and is worth much more here than you paid for it. Guitar that great are hard to find and that you are keeping it is great.
Thank you Alex, Kevin  

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