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Ok I have been at this for hours. Recently purchased a Gibson amp and I can't find any info at all on it. Can't even find one like it for sale to compare. Ok so it's a Gibson medalist 212 I beilive from 1968-1970 Dont know for sure but that's my guess. We bought it yesterday and have been researching ever since I found kinda a lot on the duo medalist and the super medalist just nothing on the medalist 212  in just wondering if it's that much of a piece of crap that there isn't really any out there or what but any info about the Amp or value or anything u can give me would be great I added pics to maybe help if u need any other info let me know.  Thanks so much in advance for your time

Hi Peggy, thanks for writing in! Peggy you do have a very cool amp, I know they exist and you know they exist but we are the only two. I joke a but there must be six or seven people. I used one when I worked for my late great friend Lou Reed. He had one he bought at 31st Music new in 1969 and I played out of it in 1970 and 1973 and it disappeared.  Like your amp a 2 X 12 and hit a natural distortion very easy and that is the reason I remember it all those later.
There is not one word about them any place. I saw all the others like the Duo and the Super. I know that they are far from a crap amp but Gibson is not really known for great amps. The amps close to your amp sell at $700.00 to $1,000.00 even wilt the lack of a big fan club. The Gibson name really holds it value and are really very cool. Gibson Amps were over shadowed by the overpowered Fender Black Face and Silver Face amp of the day.
You have a great amp and I do hope you enjoy it for a long time. I had some great memories come by when I saw that name on my screen.
Thank you, Kev  

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