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Hello,I bought a boss GT-8 pedal and I wanna know if I can get some sweet Metallica and Pantera Tones,I tried to write it myself with some instructions but that was a failure.
I have a Ibanez Gax-30 and Marshall CFR 15 amp.

Thanks for writing in Kerem. Metal sound is really high gain and the wright distortion. The great metal bands sound happens in a studio and what I hear on the album is what counts. That is not possible to recreate. You need people and tons of equipment, can't do but we can come close. Your guitar is nice and should do it, that Boss pedal can copy a 5150 amp. The 5150 is the greatest metal amp of all time. Your amp is the weak part, it a practice amp, low power and the 8" speaker hurts the deal bad. You need some wild volum, power to get that distortion you want. Low power solid state amps will not break up like a tube amp.
You need to work with what you have and try many combination of settings. Most guitar players are tone chasers, I have been trying to get Jimmy Pages sound down for years. I get close to it and get my Marshall to breat enough but I am not there. Some day I will nail it. I saw your question this morning and check on metal pedals. I have a buddy that is one of the beat I have ever heard and he uses a Boss HM 2. He says it is the best, he loves the Tone Czars Open Haus pedal. You know Boss stuff costs a lot of money. Yep because of money I have stuff on the back burner. You are on the right track, it is a tone you need to hit by trying everyday.
Like me know how it goes and keep banging away at it Kerem.
Thanks Kevinpaul  

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