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Maya Les paul
Maya Les paul  
Hi Mr Kevin.

I got recently a Japanese Les Paul custom Copy, Maya brand, which sounds quite well, I'm very proud of it. What I'd like to know is the manufacturing place and year, and also how much it would be worth, if possible. I'm sorry, no serial number is available. Only the brand MAYA on the headstock and MADE IN JAPAN on the neckplate.
Thanks in advance


You have a nice copy of a Les Paul  made by the Maya guitar company in Kobe Japan. That guitar came from the Chushin factory, that was later used for the Japanese Jackson Guitars. Rokkoman Music managed them. The best Maya Guitars were made in the late 70s to early 80s. They are not apart of the law suit guitars. The Law Suit guitars go for a lot of money not because they are that great and certainly not better than yours. Just because they are Law Suit copies.
They have the Gibson head stock. Yours was made at the right time but has an Epiphone head stock. You guitar will sell for the price of a used Epiphone.
The Japanese copies are some very nice guitars. Here is why, carved maple top, mahogany body, bone nut and Japanese stock pick ups. The hardware is very good. You have an excellent guitar that is a great player and well worth keeping. I always tell people that the highest price for their guitar is what you paid for it. Great guitar and I guess you are enjoying it Adam. Thanks for writing in.

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