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A friend just gave me an old regal flying v. It's missing a pickup, bridge, and nut. My questions are would standard Gibson parts fit it if I decide to rebuild it and would it be worth the money to do so?


Hi Greg, I don't see a Regal Flying V but every one made a Flying V and they are call many things. They don't want to get sued by Gibson.
The Flying V by any name is a very cool guitar. Gibson did make a Flying Eagle and that is well worth putting back together. The main thing in parts is Gibson's are not metric, they are still U.S.Standard, inch sizes and this drive the rest of the world crazy.
My others copied that very cool guitar. I like them and would put some money in it because you will end up with a great guitar. Should it be an import you can get most all the parts you need from any of the hundreds of after market stores. I like Guitar Fetish, they have all the parts on your list. Their prices are good and they have only their own brand. The bridge and the nut are really the only two items that the size is really important. The bride is a tune o matic that I hate because of this sharp points on the string. I like the roller brides and the roller nuts. They are close in price to the standard stuff.
All Parts is another company that sells about any thing. These two parts can't be changed over to metric with out a lot of work. The size of the pickup does not matter. You need a hot pickup in the bridge location and anything you like in the neck. I use the wiring diagrams one the Internet and there are hundreds.
Lately I have been doing the eBay thing and Amazon. I was amazed at how much stuff Amazon has, I just rebuilt an old Telecaster and I bought everything from Amazon.
Greg I hope I was of help dude, putting a cool guitar back together can be a good time if it is yours. You can do it the way you want it to sound.
Yes it is worth it! Let me know how it turns out! Pictures would be a good thing.
Thank you Kevin  

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