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I think I'm going to sell my bass guitar.  It's a 1981 solid fender bass.  I got it from a local musician who bought it new so I'm the second owner. It was his guitar he played at shows.  It has upgraded bridge, pickups, tuners, and has jumbo frets.  It is in vary good condition.   The same as when I got it.  He but a custom thumb rest on in above the top string.  I got it for a reAL good price almost 20 years ago.  I never play it much.  I'm going to sell it with case, cord, and a dean Markley 55 watt amp.  I'd like to know a fair price to sell it for.   Thanks

Hi Jeff and thanks for writing in. Your bass is my favorite bass, they are fantastic. I can't guess at what mods you did but it would help if you had the stock parts. That would increase the value, people like stuff the way it came. That pulls the value down, they want to do the changes. However it still is a fantastic vintage Fender Bass that is worth $900.00 to $1,200.00 and if you could make it stock its value would be up to $2,000.00. The Dean Markley amp, I am not sure, if it is a tube amp or a solid state. They never go for much and way? They are Dean Markley, there is nothing wrong with them, they just never could beat the big guys. Thank you and if I can help you any more let me know Jeff.
Great Holidays Kev '

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The fascination with electric guitars is the top for me. I fix amps, wiring and put the things that fall off back on. The way to really set a guitar up and make it a player. Buying a guitar is an art, and good amps that will get out that tone we all look for, Zen guitar and amplifier is a way to approach it. Better is no worry ask an expert.

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