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Hi Johnny,

the daughter of a friend has been learning the electric guitar for roughly 2 years or so and is left-handed. She is 17 years old and notices that when she tries to sing and play (with the normal right-hand orientiation) she comes out of rhythm and she feels muddled by this. She said she could play better with the left hand and, thus, her mother wanted me to ask whether she has to buy a guitar for left-handers or whether this is a head-based function that should probably improve over time? How does it actually work? Will her right hand become strong enough so that she can fully control rhythmic playing plus singing? Any solutions, ideas are welcome. Thank you.

Hey Michael,

Thanks for writing. This is a 50/50 problem. By that, I mean she could go either way. I am left handed but play right handed guitars. She will build up the arm strength and coordination to play right handed over time. Usually, the brain will give some resistance to being left handed and taking on a right handed task but this is minimal. Right handed guitars are much easier to find. Playing and singing, something I do, takes work whether you're playing left or right handed guitars so I would consider sticking with a right handed model. Stay in touch and let me know how it works out...Johnny

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