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Hey Johnny,

I came across a couple guitars that looked cool but didn't know much
About the names. A Memphis and allegretto les paul copies.. I could probably get them
Both for $100 bux each or $150.00. I guess what I wanted to know is are the worth picking up?
And fixing up.. I play everything from punk to blues. I was thinking of flipping these guitars until
I get the guitar I really want,TV Yellow Johnny thunders style guitar.


Hey Dan,

Thanks for writing! Both are well worth the $100. However, to tell whether or not they're pre lawsuit copies, look at the headstock profile. It should look like an open book. Both Memphis and Allegretto made copies for a number of years. The tuners on the Memphis should look like the Klusen tuners found on the Gibson Les Paul. The Allegretto will have the Gibson Diamond inlay on the headstock face if it is pre lawsuit. If they ft this description, do pick them up. Stay in touch...Johnny

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