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I have a Fender Strat, made in Mexico from 1994-1995. How do I find out the value so Ican sell it for a reasonable price?
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Thanks, Dean...

Hi Dean and thank you for writing in. The market for imported guitar is not so good. I do not see it getting any better. I guess now is the best for selling your Stratocaster. I know how good your guitar is but Fender is their own worst enemy. They have too many models competing with each other, so many I lost track. They are all so close and all are pretty good guitars. I looked at some past sales and some Mixican Strats sold used for $250.00 up to $470.00. I looked on EBay and that reflects the current pricing, many MIM Strats are $250 to $350. and the odd group of so low and crazy high. Remember a New Mexican Strat is sell for $500. and some one always has a sale. I think when you are ready to sell look at EBay and the local sellers. I hope I gave you a work able range. Guitar Center says bring your stuff in and walk out with a check! I sure you will get beat on that deal. I had to let you know all that's out there. They will give you 50% of it's value. You will know what the value is and they will point out every flaw. That may be good if you can do a little fix up on it before you really sell it.
Dean thanks and good luck. Kev.

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