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QUESTION: Hello dear Sir!
My name is Dennis and i'd like to ask a question about my guitar.
My guitar is a Hohner Arbor Series startocaster the serial number is E711212 . I cannot find any info related to this guitar. Only thing i know it was made in the 70's. What i still know about it, its heavy.
Something like what its made of ( only if that is possible without seeing it) and a price range would be nice too

Thank you very much
Awaiting your answer.

ANSWER: Hey Dennis,

Thanks for writing! Hondo made really good copy guitars in the early 1970s, so much so that Gibson sued a number of these copy companies because they made inexpensive copies that sounded and played well. Your guitar was probably made around 1971-72. It is hard to get an actual date because their serial numbering system was not the most accurate. Does the headstock have the same shape or profile as the Fender? Also, do you have or can you take a picture of the guitar? It would help narrow down the information! I had a similar model and used it quite a bit in the studio. The only real downside to these guitars is the tuners which are dreadful. If it is a early 1970s model, it is considered collectable and therefore is worth more than the later models. I've seen the 1970s Strat types sell for around $500-800 US Dollars. Send me a picture or described the shape of the headstock and I'll narrow the value down. The 1970s Strat types from Hondo used solid wood for their bodies rather than the plywood found in later models. STay in touch and et me know about the headstock and photograph...Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

head 1
head 1  

head 2
head 2  
QUESTION: I've took a few pictures ( the lights are pretty bad) so you can see the shape of its body and the head too. I took 4 pictures. One from the body, two from its head and one from the little steel plate on its back.

The number cant be seen on the plate because of the bad light conditions

Hey Dennis,

Thanks for sending the photographs! This looks like one of the early 1970s Strat copies, based on the headstock. They were well made, using solid wood, such as ask, for the body and .maple and rosewood for the neck. It is probably worth around $600-$700 in today's market. I had a 1970s Hondo Strat copy and loved it. It is pretty much a Strat but made by Hondo. Great guitar! Stay in touch...Johnny  

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