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I recently received a fender squier bullet strat serial number
at the back it has an engraved plate readinng 20th anninersary squier by fender freedom of expression since 1982. is it possible to give me some history and tell me is she a keeper or not. she still sounds good

Yes that guitar is a keeper. Stratocasters are the most played guitars in the world. The Strat Bullet has been made in many places, the USA, Mexico, Japan and in many locations in Asia like China. From the serial number your Stratocaster was made in Tainwan. Fender sell the low level Strat for $500.00 and the Bullet for $120.00 and they play very close look about the same. The weight is close and the same colors people buy a great single coil solid body guitar and that would be the Sqoier. I bought a Squier made in Indonesia because I liked it, I did not know what we're said to be the best. The people in the know say that the Squiers made in Japan are the best ones. When bought a made in Japan Squier it was $79.00 new, I paid 50.00 for a used one. I should have kept it. I had many after. Japan does make great guitars, Fender Squiers were then made in Korea in the 1990s. Korean guitars are fantastic. Near the same time plants in Indonesia made Squiers and other models like my Telecaster. Most guitars are made in China now and they are getting better each year. Your Strat was made in 2012 and was made by more experienced craftsmen.
Like I said all Strats are so close in every way they are all easy to take apart and modify to what you want. I put an ebony fret board and EMG pick ups on mine. You can leave your guitar the way it is and that's fine. You can change it over time in what ever you like. Yes Sammy that is a keeper, great find.

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