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hondo revival les paul
hondo revival les paul  
QUESTION: Dear Johnny;

I brought home an abandoned electric guitar in a soft case left in my apartment building after someone moved and pitched it. I had not really looked at it much except to see it needed a repair, until now, and discovered that it originally was likely a pretty decent guitar. I read a response you gave in 2009 on what sounds like the exact same guitar. Here is the one i have described as follows:
Revival Hondo on headstock, engraved Hondo logo (H)on steel plate on back (neck bolt, so it is not glued but bolted), and looks like everything is stock that's on it. It is not damaged, (the black lacquered body not even scratched except for on small chip out of the paint beside the plate covering the toggle wiring) except that one of the zebra hummbuckers is not in place seems it needs to be screwed into proper position cuz it is floating. It is missing the bridge i believe.

I wonder if you could suggest to me what it might be worth as is, as compared to if i have it restored (and how much i should expect that to cost).

I don't know whether to try to sell as is, restore it and sell, or restore it and keep for my 16 yr old son who plays well but is still not a serious committed musician. I will never be able to afford an awesome guitar for my kid (i did get him a decent epiphone electric and a decent Yamaha acoustic),and it would be great to give him. However, divorce caused us to hit some hard times, and needing the money, i also have to consider selling it.

Whatever advice you can give is appreciated so very much,
Thanks, Zoe

ANSWER: Hey Zoe,

Thanks for writing! This s a great guitar! This model was made in the very early 1980s an is one of the better Hondo Les Paul copies. This is an awesome guitar for you kid because many people collect these guitars and people who are hip to Asian made guitars love these! They tend to sell for $400-$500 used so it is worth repairing. I've owned a few of these and love them! You could try to sell it but you'd have to find a replacement bridge which is easy to do. If you want to replace the bridge, let me know and I'll find you the right replacement bridge. Have you plugged it in to see if the electronics work? If not, plug it into an amp and tap on the pickups to see if you get any sound. Also turn the volume and tone knobs (while plugged in) to see if they crackle. Let me know and I'll walk you through the restoration process. Le me know what you want to do (Fix and sell or fix and give to your kid) and I will walk you through it step by step). Write back...Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So thanks again! I am going to carry on and try to get this baby back in some kinda shape. I do want to replace the bridge for starters so if you can find one i am deeply in your debt kind sir!

I did as you suggested and plugged in...there is some sign of life, but definitely there are contact issues cuz the plug in itself was a bit loose feeling and did not consistently result in any sound. I wiggled it a bit and then did find that my tapping the lower frets emitted quietly through the amp. The knobs crackled very slightly but not consistently as i had to wiggle the plug in the socket. I am ready though to open her up and see if i can, with your help (and my buddy who is an electrician?), restore the life in this guitar. I wonder though, how likely is it that there is no point?...Or is it something that can with perseverance be accomplished eventually?

I see that the electronics are going to need work...i am hoping that old guitars, unlike old cars with wiring problems, are not ultimately better off in the bone yard (electrical problems being the kiss of death in my understanding and experience).

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and willingness to help me with this.


Hey Zoe,

Thanks for writing back! Unlike cars, guitars are easy to work on as long as the body and neck are alright! With the wiring, clean off all the corrosion from the soldered areas. Your friend the electrician can help you with this. A good cleaning of the electronics will do wonders for your guitar! Let me know if you want me to walk you through the process from start to finish. Stay in touch...Johnny

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