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QUESTION: Have a BC rich, maybe warlock one, with unfinished natural wood. No serial number. Tuner keys have "R" on them. Two silver knobs with switch in between. Whammy bar, Floyd rose. Neck is reverse head with BC rich and made in USA printed on. Maybe about 20 years or older.

ANSWER: Thanks for writing in, you have a very great guitar on your hands. I can only give you a guess with no numbers or photos. I think that is so different is because it is a real BC Rich. Most of the ones sold in the past few years are imports and of low quality. To complete like the other guitar manufacturers They pick mass sales of junk products. Ibanez and PRS did the same thing. Gibson, Fender and BC Rich had or still have custom shop products and that BC Rich is from their old custom shop. Now most of the great old guitar companies are only a name on a check. They all have Asian ghost builders. The real stuff is unusual like that BC Rich. I might help more but not mush is available on the real BC Rich guitars. A in person appraisal might help to give you more information
That Kev.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much! The knowledge you have shared has led me to do more research.

The best I can tell, this guitar resembles a "Lightning Sky" without the paint job. I have not removed any plates in the back but the cover on the bolt on neck is a blank chrome plate. If this guitar has any numbers it might be under the back plates somewhere.

I now believe it was made before the Class Axe era or around that time. I can post pictures if you think it might help. Thanks again!

ANSWER: Yes some pictures would really help. The serial numbers would be under the plate that holds the neck on. A four bolt neck I think. That will help do date it.
That is a rare guitar unlike the junk junk they toss together these days, it's a keeper and a very cool player. I would love to see it.

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QUESTION: I checked under all the plates and did not find any information. Is that peculiar, I don;t recall ever hearing of guitars without serial numbers of some sort.

Great looking guitar, that looks like it is ready to go. Thank you for letting me see it. I have run across guitars mostly from the 60s and 70s with no serial numbers. No way to  date or track them, some of mine have been rebuilt and put back to getter so many times that they have the wrong number or no number at all. I have some custom shop guitars with nothing on them, name only. I have never even thought of a serial number when I bought a guitar, new or used.
The early days of many guitar builders they never think that the little detail would be important in 50 years. Fender serial numbers are missing before during and after the CBS take over. Not a common thing but no lot, batch and serial number just didn't happen. Very odd for a high level American made guitar like yours. I wish we could have nailed this thing but running into a brick wall with guitar history is the way it goes some times. That guitar would be marked my number one if I owned it. My ESP has no record of ever being made. The color the pick up and the non metric parts are not on any records. I have certificates and signed papers by the guy that built it.
Thank you very much for letting me see you guitar, very cool. Keep in touch.

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