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Hi! I have an aria hollow body electric guitar, used, but playable. The pick guard is missing, but everything else is in tact. model number 5102t, series 179557. I was wondering the value of this instrument, and if its worth holding onto for a rainy day ( value increase over time) or if I should sell it while I can make a dollar on it. Thanks!

Thank you for writing in. I have relieved a lot of questions on Aria Guitars and yes they are worth money, often from $400.00 to 2,000.00 . The price depends. on the model and the condition. The hollow body electrics bring the most money over the solid bodies. I know your model but the record keeping of Aria was not the best. I can't tell when it was made or where. The ones from Japan are the best and worth the most. The ones from Korea are great guitars but not worth as much as the Japanese guitars. The condition is very important, missing a pick guard is not a big thing. Nicks and cracks are bad, the condition of the neck and electrics matter in the value. I really can't give you a fair price with out photos and a very clear description.
I may be more help with more information.
Thank you and good luck Kev .

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