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QUESTION: I have an old Seville acoustic guitar that has the sticker still inside of it. It says model no. FG 800 and I cant seem to find any information about it at all. If you could provide me with some I formation on it that would be great.

ANSWER: Hi, Alex!  Do you have an image of the guitar in question?  It would really help.  Yamaha made a line of guitars that were prefixed "FG" that has been discontinued.  There were also guitars produced by the Hondo Corporation in the Korean factory during the latter portion of the 1970's under the label "Seville."  I've heard that these guitars are not only high-quality, but also fairly rare (in good condition) and can be pretty valuable in relation to their original sticker prices.  

To further complicate research, "Seville" is also a Province of Spain that is known for flamenco music.  As such, the classical guitar is at the top of instruments that get produced in this region and many times these aren't "branded" but made by private luthiers.

Hopefully, your instrument will be of the Hondo-produced variety and therefore much easier to narrow down, information-wise.

I look forward to hearing from  you!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Here are a few pictures of the guitar.

Hi, Alex - I've previewed your picture, but I think there may have been something wrong in the transfer.  Although you've stated more than one, I only have received one picture (labeled "Pics") and it simply looks like a flash reflection.  I can't even tell it's a guitar from the pic I can see on my end.  Is there any chance you can re-send it?

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