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Hello, Dr. Moore!

  A couple of years ago, my parents bought me a talkbox not knowing that I needed a tube amp to make it work.  So when I finally purchased a tube amp, I used it for about a week then it went kaput. The diaphragm went out on it! So I took it in to get fixed, and lo and behold six months later it happens again.  What I don't understand is that I seem to be operating under the parameters that the talkbox requires, which are 100W max and 8 ohms.  The master volume is set at about a quarter of the way up, and my GT8 pedal doesn't seem to go above halfway.  
  So what could I be doing wrong with the pedal? Am I still exceeding the 100W even though the volume is wrong? I know Watts doesn't equal volume, but I was hoping that you could make it a little more clearer for a not so electricity savvy person, haha. Thanks much for your time!


Hi Frank thanks for writing in. The talk box pedal is one of those things that I like to listen to but really don't know a lot about. I do like guitar effects pedals and have ten on my board. The volume thing is a a real trip on it own. My 40 watt Fender Mustang II is not even close to the power level of my Marshall DSL 40 watt amp. A watt is a watt all day every day each day. Solid state vs tube amps should not play a role with your Talk Box problem. I read some reviews and the people that have them like them. I did not come across any reoccurring problems with them of they just don't want to talk about it.
The big guys in this is Dunlope, they make lots of pedals and sell the hottest ticket in the Talk Box world. You have a 100 watt amp and that thing should be enough power to play at a stadium. My guess is since you got the juice to push that thing, your problem is mechanical.
I would contact the manufacturer and explain you problem with his product. I,did not see a listing for a GT8, the diaphragm blowing out in 6 months sounds like it is their weak link. I really wish I had more exact numbers and words but with the little I,know to start with and what you told me I have been of little help.
Can you tell me who made this thing and what amp you are using I may find more details for you Frank. Try to talk to the maker and see what that does it has helped me in the past.
Take care buddy, Kev .

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