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Aria pe 1000 gc x2
Aria pe 1000 gc x2  
Hi i own two 1980 Aria pe1000 gc gats i was wondering how much they are worth , also i cant find any wiring diagrams for these guitars can you help please
Kind Regards Nick.....

Hi Nick thanks for writing in! The value of your great Aria guitar? Nick if you would have written to me only a couple months ago I would have told you $1,000 to $1,500 dollars U.S. Things are not moving here and in Canada, I just bought a Fuzz Face $120.00 for $44.00, it's like that with all things. I would say today your guitars are worth $500.00 tops. eBay and other sites are loaded with them, once hard to find. They went by a private sale, some one you know or a friend of a friend sale thing. Hold on to them because they will go back up.
There is not much information around on Aria guitar on the tech end, the closest would be a Les Paul diagram, I put the information in Google and they will have several drawings to pick from. Two Humbuckers wiring is common.
Good luck and take care Nick.

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