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QUESTION: Hi Doc 1st allow me to Thank You for all the work you do here.Much Appreciated!
I have inherited from what im told a 1980 Aria Pro II Fullerton serial # 8040031 She is in Pristine condition! I cant seem to find any info on this guitar and wondered if you could help. It looks like maple on the neck not sure of body its cherry red with fine wood grain showing thru,has what i think may be 2 single coil humbuckers and 1 Dbl coil as well with a tremolo bridge also the patch cord hook up is backward.Any Info like where she was made, approx. value etc would be much appreciated.
Thank You So Much for your time in this matter.
Best Regards,

ANSWER: Thank you for writing in Rawne, I do enjoy researching and talking about guitars. I love to play and look look at some of the real cool ones like Aria! The old ones or vintage Arias are some of the best guitars to come out of that time. Most often than not the highest value of most guitar is what you paid for it. Most people think their old Fender is a gold mine. They are wrong most are just used guitars that lost value like that Ford in their drive way.
Your guitar is not one of those, I look at the current sales from eBay, local sales and some web site private sales. Your Aria have been hanging in with a value of $2,000.00 USD. That is up about $500.00 in the past year and a half. I am going to guess it is going to keep going up. I have a couple of reasons why, the crap guitars from China and the fact that Gibson's prices are nuts. All the main players have second rate products, so to avoid that people look for great guitar from the 70s and 80s. The newer Japanese guitar are very high priced. So Rawne enjoy your guitar or make some money!
Thank you Kev!

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QUESTION: Hi Doc again Thank You So Much for your time, and your quick reply.
I have a friend here who tells me it is not 1980 He says its a 1988.
can you tell me if the serial number 8040031 for my Aria Pro II Fullerton is an 1980 make or 1988?
Again thank you so much!
Best Regards,

Hi Rawne, I ran you serial number and I came up with 1980 - 1982, that company did not keep very tight records then and the will tell you that there  notes from you question and I had 1987, 1988 and 1980-81. The 1980 is the most logical from my records of Aria number chasing over the years.  It is still a valuable guitar no matter the year. Aria numbers are not ever on the mark. Some makers will tell,you everything about the guitar. Not Aria and that is one reason I get so many questions about them.
Thanks Kev!

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