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Electric Guitars/Guitar players you would recommend?


Greetings Dr. Moore,

My name is Tetsu. I have been playing acoustic guitars for the past 12 years, but last month I bought myself an electric guitar. It (the new electric guitar) feels completely different from my acoustic ones, but I enjoy the change. I do not really like to play with distortion, but I plan to play jazzy tunes (not those traditional jazz tunes with that jazz guitar tone (with tone knob down to 1). Who would you recommend to listen to and learn from (I like finger picking, but with a touch of jazz would be nice)?

Thank you in advance.

Tetsu thank you for writing in sir. I played an acoustic guitar for years and my first electric was a fantastic new world for me. I loved and still do 40 years later all the great tones an electric guitar can produce. Clean sounds are enjoyable but finding your own tone is what many guitar players chase every day from the first day. Even the Jazz guys use some delay, chorus or gain. Eric Clapton is known as the best guitar player, I learned a lot from watching his hands. Buddy Guy and BB King are blues greats and play very clean. I go to YouTube to learn things like Travis picking, I like Scott Grove's lessons. He has goes slow and is easy to follow. His language is filthy but that is what we get these days. Just trying to learn by listening was the way but now looking at videos and on line lessons really do help. Get a hold of me anytime for anything you might need. I love to talk about guitars, string gauge, set ups and how to fix stuff. I am off the fall term so my time is yours. First pedals are the Wah Wah! I am here!
Thank you Kevin

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The fascination with electric guitars is the top for me. I fix amps, wiring and put the things that fall off back on. The way to really set a guitar up and make it a player. Buying a guitar is an art, and good amps that will get out that tone we all look for, Zen guitar and amplifier is a way to approach it. Better is no worry ask an expert.

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