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Hi Mark,
I have a Ibanez Roadstar 2 series made in Japan, in great condition  I bought it new in 1984 - 1985 serial # J831530 can you tell me what you think the value might be .The guitar was only used for about 6 or 8 months.
Regards, Donald.

Hi Donald.

Sounds like you have a nice example from the heyday of Ibanez/pointy headstock style era!

I have no specific $ figure to offer as to its value as it will depend heavily upon the market for your model/brand and also in the location you are situated. Shipping internationally can be prohibitive unless you have a good arrangement for packaging and insurance and cast-iron payment mechanism. Paypal/ebay have loop holes that can be exploited to seller detriment.

The best advice as to its real world tradable value is to see what others are currently selling for. No doubt you already got an eye on ebay* but another good site to monitor, is the used guitar trading site  http://Reverb.com  and also to checkout  www.premierguitar.com  and I suggest starting from this section:


You will have to remove personal sentimentality from the equation, so rather than just taking any palfrey amount offered in a cash sale, why not trade it towards something you really want? That way you take the spirit of the instrument with you along your continued journey!

* current ebay listed models...


Good luck



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