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Hello Dr. Moore,

I have questions about "right hand mute" technique for the electric guitar. I am new to electric guitar playing (even though I have been playing the acoustic for years). As per many instructional books and websites, I am supposed to "karate chop" the strings near the bridge of my guitar. Am I to keep substantial pressure on the strings or to barely touch the strings? My problem is that when I scale down (from the bottom E to top E vertically across the fingerboard) even with the right hand muting, it creates some "pop" noise (that must be from my fingers away from a string to another?). How do I prevent this "popping" noise? I think the right hand mute is a solution to this (along with other left hand techniques), but again how much pressure should I apply to the strings to mute them?

Thank you in advance,


You are finding out how sensitive these things are! A hard bump coming out of performance level amp feel like it went around the world!
Like picking and slides everything is bigger than life. Gentle is the word for hard rock, that seems funny. Yes a gentle touch or a light arrival for your right hand.
Like pull offs don't take a lot of force, nothing else does. This is one of those things you will learn, start with a low volume and do these motions easy and soft. I keep my hand on the bridge and just move it up to mute. Hitting the strings hard will make some weird sounds, wacking away is the completely wrong thing to do. The finesse of this will come to you like barr chords did but in a short time it will be second nature to you.
Thank you for writing in Kimo. You will be fine and please keep me informed.
Thank you very much Kevinpaul  

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