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Hello,  We have a Jackson guitar, that we believe is Japanese.  
the serial number is 9674544.

We're wondering what the year, model and value would be.  it's in excellent condition.  It was in the case for many years and was purchased from an estate sale.  We've had some maintenance work done on it and it plays beautifully.  My son is more of a classic rock/ blues player, so this guitar isn't really his style.  He'd like to sell it but we're unsure of what the market value would be.  

Are you able to assist?

Hi Susan thanks for writing in, I can assist you. The information from the serial number comes back a bit confusing. Jackson information is not as accurate because they were between a couple different guitar plants and under Fender Management. Fender was running three other guitar companies. The problem does not fall back on Jackson or Fender but the people that collect the information and pass it on to us. I found that your guitar was made in Japan in 1996, they are concerned a very nice guitar. The model is a Surfcaster, that name hints a Fender influence. I have a Partscaster, made from dead Fenders. The price is hard to be exact without looking at it and play it. I was able to enlarge your pictures to see some details and it looks good to me. The wiring works, tuners, and the Rose Floyd Tremolo are in good working order?
The price that I would ask is $680.00 and settle for $400.00 because these are not in short supply. They do go as low as $200.00 for a real wreck. The new ones are trash made in China but people want a new one. The  thing to keep in mind when selling a guitar is it's highest price is the one you paid for it. A person that knows what it is should give you fair money for it.

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