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hello doctor . I've not used my " AC4TV ; 10" combo " since last may ( one year ago ) . now I wanna re-tube it . is there any electrical shock hazard ? I'm not an electrician and I'll simply open it to do the job . any risk ?

Hi Ed thanks for writing in. Yes in all amps there is a real shock hazard. I have been bit by tube amps others have died.
There are a few things you can do to keep safe. First is the one hand in the pocket rule. Never put both hands in your amp, always have one hand in your pocket. Even go as far as to have some one with you to smack you if your hand moves. You can complete a circuit too easy that can stop your heart in a way that they can't restart. Never put metal in your amp, I have plastic tools and wooden probes. The best way to discharge your amp is turn it on let it get hot. Then turn it off as you strum your guitar. The discharges the capacitors fast and completely. Your amp has been sitting for 6 months so you should be pretty safe. Turning it on and off fast is the worst thing you can do.
There are some mods for that amp like changing the 12AX7 preamp tube to a 12AT7 tube. They are liking the Weber ALNICO Silver 10 and the Weber Blue pup for that amp. I heard some with these mods and really liked it. Ed be careful and write in any time you want with any question that comes to you.
Thanks Kev

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