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Hello Mr. Gardiner,

I am hoping that you might be able to help me with my "buzz" problem.

I have an electric guitar with 3 passive single coil pickups (Fender Stratocaster American Standard). When I plug it into my amp, sometimes I can hear the usual 60 Hz buzz/hum noise, but it is basically negligible. I, however, noticed that the buzz gets really loud when the motor of the fridge downstairs kicks in (my room is on the second floor). Is there a filter I can use to suppress the buzz (like a surge suppressor for computers)?

Yes, I do have a multi-effects pedal which has a noise gate function, but I do not really like pedals. By the way, I have no intention of changing my pickups to vertical humbuckers.

Thank you in advance,


This is a common if not always easy problem to solve, but I have attached some links so that you can immerse yourself in the scenario and then make a calculated decision on how you want to tackle the solution.

So, firstly read this:

Then this:

Then this:

After that you will detect some common threads and possible solutions and if you opt for the inline transformer option then here is a proven product to go in-line with your guitar signal chain:

Now, I do occasionally get an earth loop with my BOSS ME-5 in the chain and when/and/or attempting a stereo amp setup but I have a remarkable pedal that eliminates this simply by virtue of its components/circuit design - a PROEL DS-10

Sadly this pedal is no longer made but does appear on ebay for 20-30. It is not really a Distortion Pedal at all, more a fantastic Transparent Drive and its real 'Godsend Quality' for me is making any amp sound cleaner and airier and in the case of my 5e3 Tweed Deluxe amp, make the original boomy sounding Jensen speaker sound like a Celestion Blue! So, sometimes a simple adding-in or removal or even rearrangement of your signal path components (and change of cables of course!) can do the trick.

Good luck  

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