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Mark wrote at 2007-10-15 16:55:30
I actually had tix to see the ELO show in 2001 - they were 2nd or 3rd row, amazing seats - I was so excited - but the tour was cancelled and as it turns out, I think I was the only one who bought a ticket - I also saw some stories at the time on how they'd spent a lot of $$ on a huge stage show for the tour - so I do believe you're right - he got burnt. Unbelievable that people weren't jumping at the chance to see Jeff live - Side note: There was a VH1 special of Jeff playing with the newly-reformed ELO band he'd got together for the tour that summer of 2001 - I don't know if that special is available anywhere now, but it's probably the only recording of what that tour would have sounded like.

docweasel wrote at 2008-01-14 00:11:55
The part about "Bev hates to record and Jeff loves it" is understandable: first off, Bev, like most drummers, had minimal input on the songs. He played his part and then there was massive production while he twiddled his thumbs. I had personal experience with this: our drummer wouldn't even know what the song was going to sound like until we were done with it. Further, Lynne used a drum loop on the last and biggest ELO hit "Don't Bring Me Down", showing he didn't even NEED a drummer. And, on most ELO studio releases, Bevan's drummer (probably at Lynne's insistence, as producer) is very restrained and down-beat (no pun) while on live recordings you can hear a very unrestrained and spirited performance of the same songs by Bevan.

ELO's live history was plagued by stories of performing with tapes, sub-par sound and bad acoustics, inability to reproduce the stuff Lynne, obviously a man of very standards, was producing in the studio. I'm sure that drove him nuts as well. He recruited top-notch singers and side-men for the Zoom tour, and arguably it is the most talented line-up he ever fronted doing ELO songs (although much more low-key and without the top-end of violin and very high falsetto vocals).

Anyway, that's my take.

docweasel wrote at 2008-01-14 01:42:47
RE: Mark, live ELO-

Besides the VH-1 Storytellers show, he did one other show with that line-up (Rosie Vela, the Bissonette brothers on bass and drums, Mark Mann guitar/keys, original member Richard Tandy piano and keys, 2 cellists) a PBS special at CBS Television City, which was released on DVD as ELO-Zoom Live. It is indeed very good and probably the tightest and most talented group he ever fronted doing ELO songs, however it was a bit reserved and low-key, the 70's ELO lineup was much more spirited, although it might not have done as good a job recreating the sound Lynne got in the studio (often accusing of using backing tapes etc. and several live recordings were marred with bad sound and sub-par performances).

peter maruster wrote at 2014-05-14 23:46:32
I was backstage for the 1978 Cleveland Stadium ELO concert that sold a record 80,000 seats and what an honor it was to be there watching the outrageous and elaborate show put on by these legends that will never be topped. Jeff Lynn is a musical genius and what a terrible shame that I cannot see them again although I can pray can't I. I am enjoying the amazing compilation of ELO's Love Songs and Ballads on You Tube and am reliving the wonders and passion that their music exudes. What more can I say. I will never forget that concert back in 1978 and what a gift to the world of music ELO has provided to all that have ears to listen. Thanks to God for giving us ELO and the music they created. Please don't stop.

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