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John-E-B-good wrote at 2012-03-09 04:55:10
I don't know where the previous poster has been but a field current regulator and a speed feedback device (DC tach generator, pulse tach, or encoder) ia all you need, hardware wise. Your drive should have selectable control modes. Voltage control, Closed loop  contol, which is what you want. The ONLY way to achieve the upper rpm is to have the field current reg. go into field weakening at 1150. should you lose your field all together the drive will trip or fault out due to field current loss assuming some idiot hasn't defeated the field monitor circuit. There are a couple of parameters or jumpers involved  to complete this but its a piece of cake.

Lalu Joseph wrote at 2013-09-23 10:27:21
The name plate details of your motor(1150/2000 RPM & 6.07/2.0A fld amp.) tells that it is designed for operating at 2000RPM. All what you need is to limit the field current to 2A by adding variable resistance in the field circuit.

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