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Electric Motors/three phase winding identification


Jeff wrote at 2012-05-02 14:29:39
Once you have identified your windings, the As,Bs and Cs you can do transformer test. Connect the As to small voltage supply lets say 12 volts AC. With your multimeter measure the voltage across your Bs and subsequently on the Cs you will a small voltage on each winding. Then join one end of the B winding to one end of C and measure the voltage across the two winding, if a top and bottom of the windings areconnected together, the voltage found will double and safe mark the two open ends B1 and C2 and the joined side B2 and C1. If zero voltage is found you  know you have either B1 and C1 or B2 and C2. To mark the As you have to put power on the Bs or Cs and A with C or B and for what I said above.

RAJVANTA wrote at 2013-01-02 14:17:14
First of all find out each coil(phase) terminal and connect any two coil terminal, give single phase supply between one coil  terminal and common terminal. Check voltage across free terminal if it is less then supply voltage common (shorted)terminal is opposite ie. A2 B1 OR  

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