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Motor Wiring  

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Information Plate  
This motor is to a compresser.In picture No.2 you will see all wires comming from the motor. Picture No.3  is the motor information plate attached to the motor. Picture No. 4 is the wire diagram for High and Low voltage located on the inside of the cover plate to access the wiring. Which wire do I attach to the pressurer regulator for 220 volt and which wire (color)is the ground comming from the motor?

I only received 2 pics.
The pressure regulator should be 2 pole. Attach the 220V incoming lines to each pole of the contactor.
The other sides will go to the appropriate 220V, leads of the motor.
The ground of the line can attach on the motor frame.
Looking at the wiring colors of the motor I cannot tell which one is ground. usually its the motor frame.

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