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I have a Dayton motor model 5k967h 3 hp 1740 rpm motor that was given to me by someone that said it might still work, the capacitors were not connected when I got it, and there is several wires coming out of it.  They are , I assume, still together as it was hooked up, and there are 4 sets together still.  is there a diagram for this motor and capacitors somewhere?  where could I find them if so?  I found an eBay listing of the same motor but it is no help to me, but this is the same motor I have with a good picture of the nameplates,

Rick  you have eight wires,   and numbered what?   The motor on ebay is a cap start motor,  one cap,  two leads should come out a different place than the dual voltage dual rotation leads,

leaving 6 as in the link,   how about some photos of yours with then numbers,   you might have to tag them  for me to look at,  but DO NOT Disturb what you have it,  it might be our only way to get back short of taking the endbell off and going to the winding,     I think some photos of yours with numbers, should do it,  

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