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I have a GE motor model number MO-6236 I am missing the wiring diagram it is unreadable. Need this diagram for 120 v  and 240 v

Roger   fractional GE single phase motor line has been sold and bought several times over the last decade, it is rare to find anything by model, serial, or any id off the motor,    

The only chance we have it is to one describe the connection, be it leads only or a terminal block    and include a photo of the terminal strip and motor        If you know what voltage it is currently connected for,  that would be a help,    MO 6236 does not show on any files I have or the GE site,    not unusual,

I need to see the motor to tell if it is a cap start or cap/run start,  PSC or whatever type of motor,      if it is some sort of OEM motor,    dependent on where you obtained it,  if it came on piece of equipment such as a compressor it could have non NEMA connections,   non NEMA colors,   and the best we can hope for is I can see if the leads are connected series or parallel,  from there we should be able to figure out our own diagram,       IF we can see the connections clearly or it has leads only and they are numbered standard NEMA,      

1 2  and 3  4 are run windings      5 and 8 are starts  A simple dual voltage is   1 4 to lines with 23 together and connected and isolated,    5 and 8 are added to   1 4  on line for rotation if reversible and dual voltage,   reversing is swapping   5 with 8   parallel is low voltage line   with    13 on line     24 on line   and then again adding 5 and 8       

Past that we can run into P1 P2 leads or a whole host of different connections,     never a simple thing,  when the sticker or connection diagram is missing,        send me what you can and I will do my best  

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