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Hello Will,

I have recently bought an old lathe with a 3 phase motor.
As I do not have access to 3 phase power, I purchased an old GE
Single Phase motor to power the lathe. It is a 1 1/2 hp 220 volt unit,
Model # 5KC184AG201 AX.

Inside the cover plate, the reversing diagram is missing one of the two wires to connect.
It shows to reverse rotation, interchange lead 9 for...(scratched and missing).!
If you could let me know what the othe lead is, that would be great.

The document number on the inside of the plate is;
NP 190790


Chris Salmers

9 is not normally a number to be switched for rotation,    5 and 8 are   sure it is a 9 and not an 8?     ( is not a common single phase motor lead number]  how many total leads do you have?

I have nothing on that model, which is not unusual,   sounds like a GE motor,    hard to find anything on their single phase, or fractional motors   all sold two or three times,  

9 is normally a three phase number,     

but if it is dual voltage and dual rotation   there could be a nine,  and it could come off a protector lead, with maybe some P1 or P2 leads?

Can you tell me how it is connected now and for what voltage and maybe a photo or two,    maybe I can figure it out that way,   so hints,   start windings are normally on the start cap,    so one way to find the other end,      an ohm meter,  might tell you     short the start cap so you can read the windings,

Actually  5 6 7  8  are starts which could be reversing,  any chance it is a 6  they underline the 6 normally  but who knows,    it is likely a 6 not a nine,  which means it may have dual voltage versus tapped start [keeping the start at the low voltage all the time]  the above link should help you with that,  but a photo if it runs now,   and only needs reversed could be a huge help, along with the diagram   the best you can get a photo of,   use or you can use my personal email

might be more than just the one,  but we will see  

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