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I have a remote that came with a Thomasville articulating mattress.

It is not working properly now.

You have to press and hold the button, move your finger around, and then it will occasionally work.

Seems like the contacts need to be replaced.

Can you do that?

How much (approximately)?

The model number is R2-T (Thomasville).

Thomasville doesn't seem to want to do anything about it except sell me a new control panel, adapter and new remote for around $200+.

Could use your help.


Well Gerry   it is frustrating when the manufacturer holds us hostage for aftermarket repair parts,    The problem with remotes or most of them  is the contacts are all mounted and soldered on a bread board which is sealed to keep dirt and contaminates out,      IF they would sell the "keyboard" as a part,  it could probably be mounted back in,    but seldom do they sell parts down the component level,      especially remotes,     and I take it because they want to sell the panel adapter and remote,    that remote is obsolete,      

You could get a fairly inexpensive  PROGRAMMABLE generic remote,   problem is the less expensive the more functions that may not be included,   

Or you could move up to  a Harmony Logitech,   Harmony used to be a stand alone and would actually write a program for your remote if you were trying to control say  a bunch of components that did not want to talk to each other,   for nothing and send it to you,  the remote has a usb connection and you download the program right into the remote,   but they are pricey,  and most likely one that would do your bed   would probably not be much less than $200

Next  do a search on ebay   might find a used one,  or even a new one,    worth the time,    

Next there is an outfit that has done some repairs I have watched operate,  they do mostly nothing but remotes,

They get about $25 bucks for your basic remote and on up dependent on how many buttons, slides so on,    because it is a bed,  I am guessing it will fall in the simple category,    I think they add on $7 or $8 bucks return shipping,        pretty good outfit   and they stock a bunch of generic boards which they can program          

I would check out ebay first,   if nothing there   then give these guys a call or use their on line form and they will confirm the fix and the cost,        

If you were lucky  and got the right cheap programmable  you wouldn't save much if anything and if they can put in a new board on the low side,    that is your best bet,    

Let me know how it goes if you have any problems and I will come up with some other plan,  

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