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I have an Ergomotion Movable Bed SR# SFD01B0000599 that the motor is not working.  The control is connected to the motor (not a remote control).  The power is on and the hand held control buttons lite up automatically about a month ago, which they never did before unless I changed the position on the bed.  The voltage button is set at 115V AC.  (Why the AC is 115V/225V instead of 110V/220V is beyond me, as I bought the bed 5 years ago in California.)  The motor makes no sound when pushing the buttons. As I said, there's power going to the motor so I don't know why the motor is not working.  Help

Kathy, first clue,   buttons light up  and never did that before,    the lights are probably designed to come on when you push a function   to send you notification that you are performing whatever function you are performing,     so first is to find out why the lights are on automatically     [not sure what you are telling me,  are the lights on the controller on, individually without you pressing any of them?]

Next the voltage rating is 115/225 because US power used to be more towards the 110/220 vaiue, but in the last decades has been bumped up to 120/240      and yes  in reality,   whatever the low voltage is,  the high is two times it,      they are saying that on low    [115]   it is fine,   and the max on the high side is 225,  it is odd,   normally they put a  DASH on the high side  which might be  208-240  or some such range,  as voltage is not exact  everywhere   even blocks away,     one home might be 115,  the next might be 120,  the next might be 121,    

Don't worry with that,  as long as the voltage is set by the dip switches to whatever you are supplying the bed with,   it should be fine,       

You say power is going to the motor,  but how do you know that?  Did you measure the voltage to the motor at the motor when the buttons are depressed?

Just because a light comes on,  does not mean power is going to anything.

And with these lights being on differently or automatically,  that is the concern,  it almost sounds like the cord is shorted or a wire inside the cord is open,  something is not right when the indicator lights start acting in a different manner,  this automatic lighting,  sounds like a short, causing the light to come on,     

If there is power to the motor  [measured and proved]  at the motor, and it does nothing,  then there is something OPEN inside the motor,   a tripped thermal overload,  a bad brush, if it is a brushed motor,  an open wire,  too many to list,      but a light on a controller is no proof there is actual power to the motor,    don't be fooled,      

Do you have a manual for this bed,   anything in the trouble shooting section?

The serial does not give me the series,    but above is a troubleshooting guide.

Inoperable Head Motor
Ergomotion Inc. | ph 1-888-550-3746 | fx 805-979-9399 |
Do the other functions of the bed base function properly?
Does the remote light up when you press the buttons?
Confirm that all of the cords are securely fastened. Follow the power supply cord from the outlet to the power supply box sitting on the floor. Check for the light on the power supply box. Is it illuminated?
Change the 3-AAA batteries. Does the remote light up when you press the buttons?
Replace remote.
Replace control box.
Replace control box.
Replace head motor.
Replace power supply.
On the control box, under the bed, switch the plugs for the head actuator motor and foot actuator motor. The ports will be labeled on the control box. Then, on your remote, press the foot UP button and then the foot DOWN button. Does the head motor respond when the head button is pressed on the remote?

I cannot copy the motor diagnostic flow chart in the correct format but if you follow the link to your series it will give you a flow chart, including what lights to look for, what to do if on, or off,    and what to replace or repair when found,     

If you have problems with the flow charts send me the series and tell me what you find, and I will help you further from there  

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