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i have a leeson motor model c634fc62b 115v 1ph 3/4hp when i pull switch to go forward it drags when i do it again quickley it will run when i try reverse it only drags unless i help it turn at the same time i turn it on what might my problem be

Steven, not sure what you mean by dragging,   are you saying you hear or feel what seems like a physical  "drag"  of the rotor to the stator? [rotating element and stationary field]

If it is physically dragging   that sounds like a worn out bearing[s] either sleeve type or ball type or one of both.

But you say reversing it only drags unless you help it turn,    which sort of sounds like you might have an open in the start circuit in maybe one direction or both,        

Regardless, if there is physical rub, of any kind,  stop using the motor, it will get to a point where it could become not repairable or not cost effective to repair.

If you are handy you can mark each end housing and remove them,   make sure when taking the rotor out you do not bend the switch or fan, or damage the windings,   take photos and go slow,  

3/4 HP single phase motors are not especially cheap, even on EBAY [where I would be VERY cautious about buying anything electrical and motors are the worst,   half the sellers seem to not know much about what they have, which is not unusual, just be careful]

You can take it to a local motor shop,   many now do not work on single phase, and may only offer to replace it,   you did not mention speed or enclosure or anything special about the motor,   if there is special mounting dimensions, or special speeds   it is reversing,   instantly of just reversing I cannot tell from the model,    so be careful if the shaft comes out the left or right or maybe it has double shafts,       make sure the new motor is rated at the same speed, voltage, reversing,  so on,        

If you cannot find anyone locally,    we charge $75.00 for an evaluation,  which is included if you approve the repair.  The repair could be one sleeve bearing,  one switch, one contact,  one of each,   hard to say,    because it reverses with not much problem    it makes me think you MIGHT have something special,      but it may be an off the shelf motor,     

We evaluate,  test insulation,  test induction on rotor,  many tests, including the bearings,  sleeve we check the journal to bearing ID sizes,    and fit to the housing,   ball, we check the same,  ball is somewhat easier than sleeve,   but either can be refurbished.

We send you a quote to repair,  what we try to do, is advise customers to look at repair pricing as real dollars not percentages.

Example   some companies want repairs if the repair does not exceed 50 to 75% of new,   

But in real dollars that can be a disadvantage,       If a new motor is $100  then 75% is $75.00 dollars,     but a motor that has a new price of $1000,  then you are talking $750.00.

 In the first case it is saving $25.00, in the second it is saving $250.00 dollars,   and rebuilt motors from our shop are as good or better than new,  when we can improve on them by adding more wire if it is a rewind,  correct alignment of the motor, between bearings,  output shaft[s] are checked for straight,  contacts are checked, capacitors are checked,  centrifugal switches are checked,   on and on,        

There are a lot of good motor shops around and there area lot of not so good shops around, but the mechanical end of electric motors is where most shops are weak,  we have a complete job shop machine shop in our facility.

If you want to take it apart, make sure you take some photos,   as you go,   mark each end housing so you get the right end on the end,    even when swapable it is better to put it back as it was,  

Any resistance to taking a part off    STOP,     you are probably at the point of breaking something,      and let me know,    what the problem is,  

My Shops are EMR Repair Inc  Kansas City Missouri,  repair phone number 816-587-3933,  our e-mail is

Second is MEAR Services Inc. in Buckner, which is just a few miles east of Kansas City proper,  the repair phone number there 24/7   365 days a week,  emergency numbers are on the main number which is 816-650-4030,  the e-mail for MEAR is

Call or write either if you need more help or get back to me through  and I will try and help you figure out what is wrong when you get at least one end housing off,  I will need photos of what you find,   and can go from there.

But if it is DRAGGING     which to me is a term used when something is rubbing on something else and not meant to be,  do not run it,  until it is repaired.

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