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I have an old GE motor that runs ccw.
I want to run it cw if possible.
The model number is 5KH43DB3X.
It has 3 connections inside wiring cover.
The top has no connection,the middle has the neutral
connection,the bottom is the hot connection.
I tried moving the hot wire to the top and blew the fuse.
Need some help!


First finding info on GE model numbers is just almost impossible anymore,   their fractional motor division has been sold to so many companies,   the trail is gone.  We have some giant old GE and other old books,   sometimes we will find the data,   most times not.

GE was always famous for producing OEM  [Original Equipment Manufacturer] motors.  What this did was make the motor a PART,   even though it may be very close to a standard NEMA vanilla off the shelf motor,  in the model, it might contain some information,  but the idea was to make the motor proprietary for the OEM,   that way the OEM had the rights to the motor  [by model]  and if you needed a motor,   it was designed to have the user go back to the OEM and buy it from them.

The other alternative was to take the motor to an experienced motor shop, who could measure up the motor,  find out what if anything was special, and replace it with an off the shelve motor, or modify a new motor,   of any brand,  to work in it's place,   or repair the existing motor.

Look carefully at the name plate,   you are looking for a a field that might have  CC  or CCW  stamped on it somewhere.

Above at around page 19 is a nomenclature breakdown of GE motors,   but it gets very frustrating,   GE as many in the business say,     change model numbers more often than people change socks,  add in the specialty models,  age, type, on and on,     

One thing that caught my attention is you moved the HOT lead         

Electric motors,   AC motors,   single or three phase,  hot and neutral make no difference to the motor,   it is a common misunderstanding,      it comes from DC,  where polarities would or could change direction,  with AC  there are no polarities per se,   the voltage is AC  it goes positive, negative, positive,negative   on and on,     So an AC motor only cares about what voltage and cycles it is designed for,   the hot lead is just a lead,  be it 115 or 1230 volts,   the two lines go to the motor,  if there are two lugs marked line,  if the hot lead is on either it makes no difference to the motor,     

Basically, you have windings around steel laminations,   hot or neutral will not change anything,   because it is AC,       

So your middle connection can be whatever,   when you put the other line from the bottom to the top,    it blew a fuse,      so no matter what you do,   hot or not,   line to middle and line to top,  is not going to work,     what the top tab is,    hard to say,    

Is there any connection diagram on the cover plate?    Many times the reason there are three terminals or tabs, is because they try and make as many plates to fit as many motors as possible,    for example  that plate with three tabs,  could maybe be used for a single phase motor or a three phase motor,  just impossible to say,     

Can you send me some photos of the plate, and from there maybe I can see what we have,    

With only three terminals,  and no easy way to swap  MOTOR LEADS   it sounds like a single direction motor,    the only cures would be   one   swap the rotor,  if possible,   turn it end for end,  sometimes that will work dependent on the type of motor,   next is to go into the windings and bring out enough leads to make the motor reversible,  most reversible motors have four leads,     very basically,    1 and 4 are run windings,   5 and 8 are start windings,   line would go to  1 and 4    add  5 to one,  and  8 to the other,    that would give you a particular rotation,    swapping  5 with 8  would reverse the direction.

Unfortunately without more data, or photos,  not much we can do,   but please feel free to use our shop email    816-650-4030,    MEAR Services Inc,   send me some photos and maybe I can help identify what you have and how to resolve this rotation issue.

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