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I have an orthomatic bed.  The remote has the serial number J4BA1002 on the back.  My neighbor is a pilot and has helped me when the remote has stopped working, by cleaning the unit.  He has told me that the "board" is really old and that I should get a new remote.
Can you help me?  Thanks.

M. P. McCarthy, M.D.


Yes your friend is talking about the bread board and components in the unit itself,   my guess is it is Infrared versus RF or radio frequency,    IR you have to point the unit directly at the unit being controlled,  RF of course is radio waves,  and can be used to control through sheetrock [to a certain limit, and direct pointing at a receiving eye is not necessary,  they make them both ways   

I have not found the remote yet, EBAY is a good place to look,  and probably the bed model would be a better place to start drilling down,   

Logitech Harmony, [if you want to go locally to a Best Buy or electronics store and pick out a generic remote and configure it] is about or probably is the single best generic replacement remote around,  most are fairly expensive, but Harmony remotes used to be a stand alone company,    and merged with Logitech a few years back.

The great thing about Harmony remotes is their programming,    they actually wrote me a program for some components I have that would not play together,  sent it via email and the Harmony has a USB connection on the remote,   I downloaded the program which assigned certain buttons to certain functions,  and it worked like a charm,  

If you can find a new surplus, or even moderately used, that will be you less expensive cure,  

I get these requests all the time, these beds become obsolete, and if the manufacturer is no longer in business,   then it becomes a problem.

But there are cures,   first looking for a remote for the bed MODEL,   

Below I am going to provide links to possible sources of some type of new generic  which will probably look different, but should capture all the functions of the OEM remote.

Also you will see a link to a repair shop for remotes  PERIOD, simple and sometimes older remotes are exchanged for $25.00 plus some small freight.  It would be new components but using the vintage type components     [which is fine the more generic you can get, the easier it will be in the future,  and I would suggest if you find a remote new or rebuilt for $25.00 or so  get TWO   

You will have to drill through these sites,   from your bed model [I believe it to be Nature's Rest] or in some cases there are actually photos with descriptions on older models you can match up.

Sorry there is not one simple answer to this,  there are thousands of beds, thousands of remotes, thousands of changes along the line,  it gets complex,  but it can be done.

These links are in no specific order,  $25.00

I can't get to the underside of the bed to check on that model number, but the number on the remote is J4BA1002. The brand is Nature's Rest. It stopped functioning in the raised position. Is there something I can do manually to lower it flat until I can figure out how to fix it?

the phone number for Nature's Rest is 1-617-884-2300, they should be able to assist you further.

Let me know how you get along,   my shop email is our phone number for repair is 816-650-4030         It may take some digging,  but there is a solution,   personally I have good luck with the $25.00 exchange program,  these are just generic electronic technicians who identify what you have, and produce a new set of components in your existing case,      but then don't forget EBAY,   even leave a  "looking for"  free ad on EBAY and maybe someone has a new one in a box stuffed in a closet,        but if all fails,  let me know,   I will come back with something for you.  

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