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where can I find rmr corp. motor. type r, model R16cw200Md, 115 v. 60 hz, single phaze.

Roger I have had dozens of questions lately on this very motor, it is used in many different blowers for all kinds of wood or pellet fired stoves or inserts.

Several owners are mailing the motors to my shop,   unless you have a local motor shop that can and will offer a repair on one.

Ebay and other surplus sites are about the only venues to find one,   their parent company,  the name escapes me right now,  has been out of business for quite a while,  these motors were OEM to that company,   so no longer commercially available,    

The other option is to try some sort of small Fasco generic motor and retrofit it, but because of the varied mountings, and horsepower differences each replacement is an individual project.

The RMR motor is generally a shaded pole type AC motor, or a PSC motor with capacitor, they often have sleeve bearings on one of both ends,  normally the bearings fail, or wear out.  They sleeve bearing if not two are ball seat self aligning bearings,  the problem is most have the back cover of the bearing seat,  riveted to the end housing.

So if the sleeve bearing is worn or over sized,  then the rivets have to be drilled out,  the bearing replaced,  either the journal or seat might be worn.

Many times the blower, fan or cage is installed directly on the motor shaft and usually stuck on there,   if so and you have no way to press or have several sets of pullers it can be a job to get the blade off,   so if coming to us,  just send the blower on the shaft and we will remove and replace it without bending or destroying it.

You can send the capacitor along,  also,  I would suggest if the motor is a PSC motor, just replace the capacitor regardless,   we can size it up, and do that, or you can try Graingers or other suppliers for the capacitor.

We try and obtain blank sleeves, if the journal is undersized  instead of having to build up the shaft, we bore the bearing smaller,  that is a huge saving of time.

So I would suggest looking for a local repair shop,   many motor shops will not fuss with smaller single phase motors,  but the mounting on these RMR motors make it difficult to modify a generic motor into the location.

We charge $75.00 for a complete evaluation,   if repaired the $75 is applied to the repair cost.

We have repaired some blower motors for the $75.00,  others can be a real bear, and end up with 4 or 5 hours in them, plus parts.

We understand that is a huge cost so we try and forget our usual rates, and come up with a price that is cost effective and allows the use of the existing insert,   instead of replacing the entire device because the blower is bad.

We evaluate the motor on receipt,   provide a detailed diagnosis and a repair cost, and then it is up to you to compare the cost of a new insert to the blower repair.

Most times the repairs are minor,  but there are times the windings are burnt, the bearings are bad,  and it is what it is.

The problem for the user is getting the rivets out, finding the bearing or bearing stock, machining the bearing,  without having to machine the journal,  then install the bearing, and align the bearing into the original ball seat.  Next is to either cut threads in the housing and use bolts, or use bolts and nuts to reinstall the back cover.

Past a local shop,  you can search Ebay and other surplus sites, but there has not been much success finding these RMR motors.

My shop is MEAR Services Inc,  Buckner Missouri,   phone 816-650-4030,   address   302 South Hudson,  Buckner Missouri, 64016

Include contact name, email, phone,  in the box.

We take all major credit cards,  and again we understand what the owners of these inserts are dealing with, and do our best to give you a quality rebuild at a price that makes sense.

These are never very profitable jobs,  but we know there are a lot of them out there and replacing an entire insert over a bad blower is not a good thing.

Now if the condition of the insert is questionable,  the more cost effective solution might be to replace the entire insert,  but we know the prices and labor to install an insert can be very expensive.

If you find a shop and do not understand or disagree with the diagnosis, let me know, I will help you evaluate it.

William Babbitt

President MEAR Services Inc  

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