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I have a 25 horsepower American Edestaal lathe with electrical problems its a 1977 3 phase 240 volt,the contactors are bad and have had lots of problems it was built in Romania.My question is can I install a vfd or replace the contactors with a simple trouble free set up and get rid of the old wiring.

Sure if it was just old and worn out, contacts, coils etc,  any new motor starter will work,  yes a VFD will work,   and will add speed control to the mechanical speed adjustments,    I take it you have 240 or close voltage feeding the unit?  Make sure what voltage you have  and what it is line to line to line,   unbalanced voltage can be a huge problem with unbalanced current  10 times the unbalance of the voltage,   

So if the voltage is OK,   pick your best cost effective starter and or VFD,  and go for it,   the VFD will not be cheap, but it has the motor starter, overload protection, reversing, braking and 40 or 50 more parameters    to use,          

A great device    if you can swing the cost  

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