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Seeking info to identify old Delco motor -----  Acquired old low-speed chisel and knife grinder, powered by old Delco motor.  Match-up of motor and grinder appears to be by user -- not factory job.  Motor plate says Model A1909, 1725 rpm, 1/4 Hp, 5 amp, 110 volt.  Has 2-speed gear reduction unit on one end (to run grinder) and pump on other end.  Motor runs fine, following clean up and lube.  Am wondering what this motor came from originally.  Pump is pretty cheap looking (cast aluminum), so I thought the thing might be from washing machine.  However, gear reduction box is made very well -- heavy duty cast iron, nicely cut steel gears and clutch mechanisms, definitely industrial grade -- not washing machine quality.  Any thoughts?
Thanks, Dale

Still looking Dale

Dale   not much info on old Delco motors any longer  I found nothing on the A1909  but still looking,     Impossible to say what it came from,  so many OEMs used their own model number system to keep them proprietary,     

BUT  some of these old motors are worth some money as antiques   it just depends,    I would absolutely keep it until you can prove it is not antique or of any value,  these old motors were work horses   and depending on the value    it can be a very good motor,  but I would look more to the antique value of it,  sounds like a state of art motor back then and I bet you are correct someone mixed and matched until they built what they needed,   

MY shop email is   and our repair phone is 816-650-4030   Located in Buckner Missouri not far from Kansas City Missouri, feel free to use that email as it might be faster    some photos would be helpful  if you can get some on an email to me,   

I will keep researching and see if I can come up with anything for you, but in the meantime hold on to it,          


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