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where can I find RMR CORP. Motor   TYPE R, MODEL R8CCW11M, 115v. .40/.30 amps 60 hz. ?
This motor was used as a blower on a thru the wall gas fired heater.

Ray, you won't.  If you look through the last 30 questions I think 6 were regarding RMR motors,  not available, and obsolete.

I have nearly a dozen in the shop right now,   they were used on all kinds of wood burning devices.

We charge $75.00 for an evaluation, if repaired that is part of the repair,  most have a bearing problem,  and the bearings are fitted with a riveted cage,  meaning the sleeve type bearing is housed in this riveted together end case,   we drill out the rivets,  measure the journals,  and either build a bearing or purchase bearing stock and bore the center, often we can bore the size to the wore journal, as the load is not heavy,  avoiding expensive journal machining and spraying,   

Some can be replaced with other fractional brand motors, but there are so many types, no way to cross reference,       so it is done by hand measurement which is not a big deal for us.

Rotation, voltage, mounting, stuck blower wheels  are all common frustrations with these devices and the ugly part is because of a bad blower, the entire burner, stove, heater is of no use and replacement can run in the thousands, plus retrofitting the stove,   so it can be a very frustrating experience,  

We are right outside of Kansas City,   us mail is not expensive,   we will diagnose the motor, send you a quote,  and from there you can decide which option to go with,  we will look for a replacement we can modify, or repair the existing which ever is more cost effective.

I believe it was the Long Corporation that first started with RMR motors,  but have been gone for decades,    

We are also sensitive to the fact this small blower has a very expensive piece of equipment down and using wood is a great way to lower utility bills,   so we do what we can to keep costs to a minimum.

We do take all credit cards, and was asked if we take Paypal, I just signed up for Paypal at the shop and some clerical problem had to be corrected,  but I will be looking at that next week,  most people are trust worthy and not a huge concern,   

MEAR Services Inc
302 South Hudson Street
Buckner Missouri 64016

Phone is 816-650-4030
Fax is 816-650-4061

Please put contact information in the box,   and we will get back to you with a repair/replacement quote as soon as possible, and right now we are backing up with these motors and others,   but we will get to it very quickly   

Repairs normally run $75.00 to maybe $200 if both bearings are torn up, and both journals are torn up,  replacements usually involve modifying the new motor shaft,  the mounting brackets, and getting some of the wheels and fans off the shaft can be a challenge,   but we have a full machine shop and can fabricate about anything,  

So if you would like just ship it to us,  I suggest by US mail  but you can check locally with UPS and see what the costs are for each service.

Most motor shops do not want to mess with these little fractional motors, or can't,  we understand the are critical to the owner and are needed to reduce utility bills in a big way in some applications.  

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