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WILLB wrote at 2013-10-18 00:02:33
That was way to kind to make a donation,  I do appreciate it, but I am here to help,  regardless,  the best I can.  Just wanted to say thank you for the donation,  it was above and beyond, but the sentiment is very much appreciated.

While the likelihood of you ever needing help, again on something like this,  is very low,  if something comes up, be it motors, mechanical, electrical whatever,  if I don't know exactly right off the top of my head, I can usually find it,  but no need to send a donation to me even though it was so very kind.  I will see it used and passed along to help someone else, in some manner, so you have helped way more than you know.

Another important factor in these situation, is your ability to communicate.  To let me know you DID find the OEM connection buried wherever,   I comment on this all the time.

Manufactures sometimes unintentionally put the connection wherever they can,  and it gets covered with dirt and contaminates.

The point is, like you did,  do a COMPLETE search of the motor components for a hidden connection,    sometimes the original cover is missing, replaced,  whatever, but still worth digging.

But again, your thoughts and actions were very kind, above kind.  And if I could I need to recognize allexperts, and their entire organization for providing this service.

If you read through and why they started allexperts, is very enlightening.

Their entire concept is to "pay it forward",  for those who might know, to help those who need help.

What their costs are,  is not published,  not that I found, but think about the costs,  from the website, to organizing the site, to finding  "experts"  then the verification process,  then the logistics,  so much it has to cost a fortune.

It is so refreshing to see a private organization that has this mindset.

As well all know,  [I am an independent, so I look at political things one candidate at a time, and try to be blind to their overall affiliation.]  But the overall truth is Government for the most part,  will let most individuals down.

If we as a society want to help others or bring them up a bit at a time, we have to do it as "the people" and forget the party affiliation,  vote on past record and accomplishments, regardless, again of party,   NO ONE HAS THE MARKET ON ANSWERS,      but is want as a people to bring everyone up, it is up to us, one issue at a time.

So the credit belongs to  just wanted to make sure anyone reading this understands.

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